1. 1. If I am currently a postgraduate student and interested in this event, can I submit personal application?

2. Is this event only open to individuals who work in the government agencies? Are college professors, R&D units, and/or new startups qualified to submit proposals?
This contest will consist of two phases: Proposal submission and personal submission.

Proposal Qualifications:
This event welcomes both individuals who work in the government agencies and general public. Please submit your proposal online before March 23, 2018.

Personal Application:
This event is open to the general public who are experts in data engineering, data analysis, presentation & communications, and/or other specific fields. Please select which topics that you are interested in online on April 2 and submit personal application during April 3-9, 2018.

For more information, please visit our website at
3. Do I need to collaborate with another government agency to propose? Do you set the maximum number of teams that an organization can submit?  If you do not work for any government agencies, you do not need to collaborate with any of them to propose. You only need to make sure your topic is relevant to five major topics that we specify on the website, form a team, and create a contact window.
 Joint proposals across departments and domains are highly preferred. The department rank in the government and/or individual rank in the department will be disregarded. Collaborative proposals between the central and local governments with at least two topics covered are highly recommended.
 This event does not set the maximum number of teams that an organization can submit.
4. What if I want to modify my proposal after submission? What should I do? You may modify your proposal online before the submission ends on March 23, 2018.
5. How do I know if my proposal has been sent out successfully? When you submit your proposal and press "Send," our website will display "Sent" on the screen and will also send you notification email at the same time. You may also send an email to us at pres-hackathon@iii.org.tw for confirmation of receipt.
6. When I propose, do I need to upload my documents (PowerPoint or video)? When you propose, you only need to fill out your personal information online, no other documents are required.
7. Do I have to submit any subtopics related to five major topics that you specify on the website? Your proposal needs to cover one of the five topics that we specify on the website but does not restrict to any subtopics.
8. If a prototype has been successfully developed during the event, how does your organization handle the intellectual property rights issues? Generally The proposal team should specify any intellectual property rights issues that may arise during the proposal implementation period and that may involve a government agency, department, proposal team, and the general public. After the event is completed, we will recommend the dedicated government agency/department contact its proposal team with regard to the use of intellectual property and applications accordingly.
9. If I still have questions, where can I get further assistance? Service Hotline : (02)6631-8663
Service Email:pres-hackathon@iii.org.tw